REVOLT LIVE - [10.05.15]

GH breaks down the similarities between
 the entry level job process and the music industry before 
performing 'Legacy' live on REVOLT TV.  
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RAPFEST.COM [6.22.15]

Steady reppin New Jersey comes newcomer Guy Harrison. Ready to embark on his fifth solo project entitled Entry Level EP, Guy aims to bring new talent to the industry...
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New Jersey’s own Guy Harrison releases his fifth solo project with the Entry Level EP. Short and sweet with 8 tracks, the new project will stand out to recent college grads who are struggling to find their place in the world, let alone an entry level job.
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New Jersey artist Guy Harrison releases his fifth solo project with Entry Level EP. The Syracuse University alumni maintains his witty lyrics, and captivating flows on this 8-track body of work.
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.......Guy uses this release to address many topics, especially the parallels of being fresh out of school, applying to jobs and being an up-and-coming artist.
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