After graduating exactly one year ago today, I thought about the expectations that come with having a degree. Entry level interviews, 8+ hr days at a desk, paying dues (and loans), and gradually working for eventual promotions. I, like many of my classmates, began to take part in this process, and almost accepted a few offers, but I didn't see myself fitting into that scenario.

I came to realize that the music industry isn't much different from the entry level process. Applying to jobs is like submitting music to blogs - it all starts with the belief in yourself that you're qualified. ‪ENTRY LEVEL‬ is a mindset -- put 100% into whatever you do from the start and have the end goal in mind and you'll get to where you want to be.
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 My most recent project was a collaborative EP with my older brother WES. My brother was my original inspiration to start rapping when I was 15, he pushed me to be the MC I am today. Until this project, we had only done a few songs together here and there. 
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Early in the 2013, I worked with producers Shepard & APOB to make one of my favorite projects, Homeboy Harrison
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Two years after releasing the collaborative Backhand Fam mixtape, Cartier Sims and I (still roommates) worked with producers mattMiGGZ and APOB to put out the sequel in the summer of 2012
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